51 Old Colorized Photos Reveal The Fascinating Filipino Life Between 1900 – 1960

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When we think about the late 19th century or early 20th century, we often imagine people who rarely smile and lived through a “black-and-white” era far more boring than ours. This is partly because old photographs lack the visual element that is now ubiquitous in our generation–color.

Thankfully, the sudden unprecedented growth in social media usage also paved the way for a ‘new breed’ of historical photographs. With the help of modern tools such as Photoshop, one can easily give life to old portraits and make them more visually appealing to Filipino netizens with limited attention span.

Colorized photographs provide us with a portal to our past, an incredible view of our ancestors’ daily life as if they’re just arm’s length away. After all, that is exactly the purpose of old photos: To tell stories, satisfy our curiosity and make history come alive.

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