QUIZ: Only 1 In 50 People Can Identify All of These Iconic Filipinas

These memorable Filipinas are now almost synonymous with the field where they excelled at–from science and politics to education and even wars. Through this quiz, you will be able to look back at their incredible achievements–and learn the true meaning of “Pinay power.”

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Can You Answer These Tricky Pinoy Trivia Questions?

I hope these trivia questions will make you realize that reading should be done for pleasure, and that learning is a never-ending process regardless of the field you’re in. Make sure to share your score with your friends so we can turn this into an online Battle of the Brains!

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QUIZ: Can You Guess These Famous Manila Landmarks By Their Old Photos?

This quiz is another fun way to learn the history of our beloved city. But for every item you answer, may you realize how beautiful Manila is, and the terrible scenario that might happen the moment we stop caring, respecting and preserving our cultural heritage.

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