8 Filipina Queens and Princesses Too Awesome for Disney Movies

By | 08/24/2016

Filipina Muslim royals had very little freedom, their affairs limited to household activities. However, historical records show that a few exceptional queens and princesses, like those featured on this list, wielded great influence that changed the course of Muslim socio-political history.

13 Sports Legends Who Proved Filipinos Are Kickass Athletes

By | 08/03/2016

They broke records, set new sporting standards, achieved upset victories in the pool, in the ring, on the track, and in global playing fields. These are the not-so-known greatest moments in our sports history that put to fore the Filipino athlete’s ability to amaze the world with their feats of endurance, speed and strength.

10 Greatest Filipino Athletes You’ve Never Heard Of

By | 08/03/2016

Apart from Manny Pacquiao, there are countless other athletes who’ve also sacrificed their sweat and blood to make our country proud. As such, it is only right we honor their names and memories, aside from giving them the help they so rightfully deserve.

This Filipina Is The World’s Fastest Reader

By | 07/11/2016

In July of 1968, a Filipina teenager became an international sensation when her phenomenal feat was reported by the Associated Press of the U.S. “In the time it takes that most people read the label on a cereal box,” the story began, “fifteen year-old Maria Teresa Calderon could read half a book, or more—if she didn’t have to turn the pages.”