How Spain “Almost” Abandoned Philippines in 1765

By | 09/02/2015

With the innumerable lives lost and inestimable damage wrought by the Philippine Revolution and the subsequent Philippine-American War, we can only imagine the numerous possibilities that might have been had Spain—of its own accord—left the Philippines freely in the late 18th century.

The Controversial “Luneta Tower” That Was Never Built

By | 08/26/2015

Long before the “national photobomber” ruined the sightline of the Rizal Monument, a “tower of stupidity” almost rose up from the Luneta grounds. Emphasis on almost because as the title suggests, this skyscraper was eventually scrapped and never went past the planning stage.

The Baffling Truth About Philippine’s Claim Over Sabah

By | 08/20/2015

Aside from the Philippines’ claims in the West Philippine Sea, perhaps no other territorial row has embedded itself in the Filipinos’ collective consciousness as much as Sabah. Located near Palawan and Mindanao, the resource-rich region has been the source of much friction between Malaysia and the Philippines (think Operation Merdeka and the 2013 “invasion” launched by a heir to the Sultanate of Sulu).