The 10 Most Fearsome One-Man Armies in Philippine History

By | 03/24/2017

Douglas MacArthur once said: “Give me ten thousand Filipinos and I will conquer the world.” Then again, with the unbelievable display of fighting prowess and near-reckless abandon by these Filipinos who were literal one-man armies, MacArthur’s request for ten thousand would be overkill.

13 Pinoy Expressions With Crazy Origins You Would Never Have Guessed

By | 03/24/2017

These are the expressions and lines that they laced their conversations with–familiar to the ears, but alien to some of us in meanings. Most of them make hazy references to historical figures, plants, sports, and places—but why? This article explores the fascinating backgrounds behind such colorful expressions.

12 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Pre-Colonial Philippines

By | 03/24/2017

The fact that the little information we have about our ancestors were recorded by foreigners makes me wonder what would have happened had they not colonized us. We’ll probably never know, but for now, let’s learn some of the most interesting facts about our ancestors I bet you didn’t encounter in school.

6 Famous Foreign Wars You Didn’t Know Filipinos Fought In

By | 02/08/2017

Although the Philippine Revolution, the Philippine-American War, the World War II, and the Korean War are generally what comes to mind whenever someone asks what wars Filipinos fought in, it’s good to know that our ancestors actually played a vital role in the many famous foreign conflicts of history.