Elections 2013: Top 10 Funniest Memes You Shouldn’t Miss

By | 05/15/2013

Elections 2013 is about to take its final bow. And yet, Filipinos from all walks of life are still overwhelmed by how the senatorial race has turned out. As expected, familiar names are now dominating the game–thanks to the same old tactics of mind-conditioning propagated by surveys and awkward TV advertisements.

Unfortunately, what’s left for us to do is just wait for the the final tally of votes to show up and pray to God that our senators live up to their promises.

But who says elections 2013 should be all about boring political analysis? To calm down disappointed voters, creative Pinoy netizens have come up with satirical yet funny political memes . Here are ten of those memes and why you shouldn’t take them seriously:



elections 2013 meme 5

Landing on the 13th spot of the Philippine senatorial race might leave anyone sleepless for days. But for Dick Gordon, there’s still hope left. And with hashtag #iPASOKsiDICK getting more popular, it seems that the former senator have plenty of support from the Twitterlandia.

elections 2013 meme 1

Nancy Binay have her family name to thank for after making it to top 5. But with the “Mean Girls” of the Senate waiting for her, perhaps what Nancy needs is more than his dad’s support.

elections 2013 meme 2

Poor Nancy. She may have inherited a powerful political surname but the fact that she also got her dad’s skin color makes her an easy target for nameless cyberbullies. I guess it’s not too late for a little bit of bleaching. Calling Dra. Vicky Bello!

elections 2013 meme 6

Will “Dick” get another chance to sit in the Senate? Although we can only hope for the best, this funny meme will certainly put the jitters off from his avid supporters.

elections 2013 meme 11

Wondering how to know everything that enters to each politician’s mind? Hire a Sam Pinto during campaign programs and let the public be the judge. Turns out a caption contest is all you need to figure out what’s in their minds.

elections 2013 meme 10

With no impressive political experience  under her belt, Nancy may have a hard time dealing with bullies–offline or online. Maybe she should start joining alliances and kissing other people’s ass from now on. That’s how you survive politics, anyway.




elections 2013 meme 9

Wait. Nancy Binay? Again? Perhaps people just don’t want her to win. Or they just hate her color big time. Either way, it’s obvious that Nancy has more work to do than impress people who don’t even like her from the get go.




elections 2013 meme 8

The Binays are dominating major political seats but most voters aren’t happy. So here comes another joke that directly makes fun of their dark skin color.




elections 2013 meme 4

Looks like the results of  elections 2013 is nowhere near promising for The Iron Lady. Here’s our beloved Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago with her classic and, err, terrifying gesture. Beware incompetent senators!




elections 2013 meme 7

I guess we don’t need another clue to figure out who she’s talking about. No wonder this newbie has been called the “dark horse”.

Featured image courtesy of: ph.news.yahoo.com

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