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5 Horrifying Pinoy Cannibals

By | 01/03/2017

Not all people are sane, and from time to time we hear sickening news of people eating people around the world. Unfortunately, we also have our fair share here in the Philippines.

20 Classic Filipino Toys That Will Make You Super Nostalgic

By | 12/16/2016

Although we now live in a high-tech world, it makes sense to find a perfect balance between allowing our kids to play with their gadgets and introducing them to the toys that have made Filipinos who they are. Here are a few unforgettable toys and games that will make every true Pinoy extremely nostalgic.

10 Amazing Pinoy LGBTs Who Broke Barriers And Made History

By | 12/16/2016

Ours have always been an accepting society—since the ancient time of gender-bending babaylans who were empowered with the authority to heal and speak with divinities. Here are more unusual stories from past and present, involving colorful LGBT personalities.

8 Reasons Why Apolinario Mabini Was More Badass Than You Think

By | 12/15/2016

The name Apolinario Mabini may ring a bell to some Filipinos, but most of them only remember him either as the face etched in the coin or the contemplative paralytic man sitting on a rattan chair. Here are 8 interesting facts that prove Apolinario Mabini, despite his disability, was way more badass than we give him credit for.

10 More Haunting Last Pictures Ever Taken in Philippine History

By | 12/06/2016

Last-moment photos–especially those with historical significance–encapsulate the life and times of those who are in it and the endless might-have-beens had their lives been prolonged or tragedies had been prevented. Here are some of the most fascinating and haunting final photographs ever taken in Philippine history.