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9 Extremely Notorious Pinoy Gangsters

By | 09/07/2016

Filipino pop culture tends to trivialize or even glorify the gangster lifestyle so much that we sometimes forget just how dangerous these people can be. Yet for all their dastardly deeds, there are just some gangsters whose exploits made them so notoriously well-known that we can’t help but unconsciously put them on a pedestal.

This Filipina Is The World’s Fastest Reader

By | 07/11/2016

In July of 1968, a Filipina teenager became an international sensation when her phenomenal feat was reported by the Associated Press of the U.S. “In the time it takes that most people read the label on a cereal box,” the story began, “fifteen year-old Maria Teresa Calderon could read half a book, or more—if she didn’t have to turn the pages.”

Meet The Legendary Filipino Basketball Team Who Defeated China in Asian Olympics

By | 06/21/2016

Instead of China lording it over us, it was the other way around when Philippines first joined international basketball. The year was 1913, and basketball in the country was still in its formative years. Nonetheless, the Filipino cagers reigned supreme in the first ever Far Eastern Games–considered to be Asia’s version of Olympics–beating delegates from Japan and China.