The Controversial “Luneta Tower” That Was Never Built

Philippine Centennial Tower in Luneta

Long before the “national photobomber” ruined the sightline of the Rizal Monument, a “tower of stupidity” almost rose up from the Luneta grounds. Emphasis on almost because as the title suggests, this skyscraper was eventually scrapped and never went past the planning stage. We are talking about the almost-forgotten Luneta Centennial Tower (or Philippine Centennial Tower), a brainchild of President Ramos that would have rivaled the Eiffel Tower in Paris had it pushed through. The 100-story Luneta skyscraper, approximately 2.5 times higher than Makati’s Rufino Tower, was supposed to be inaugurated on June 12, 1998–just in time for the first centennial celebration of the country’s independence. Incidentally, that year would also be the …

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7 Famous Historical Figures You Didn’t Know Visited The Philippines

famous historical figures who visited the Philippines

We Filipinos have been known for our hospitality, so much so that we were ranked 8th in the list of world’s friendliest countries in 2011 (HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey). Also Read: 8 Famous Filipino Events You Didn’t Know Influenced The World Our ancestors were equally friendly to their guests: Filipinos from yesteryear were always thrilled whenever famous foreign personalities choose to have a brief stopover here. Let’s take a look back at some of the most unforgettable historical icons you didn’t know once set foot in Philippine soil:   1. Ernest Hemingway. Who is he? Ernest Hemingway is considered as one of the greatest American novelists of the 20th century. A correspondent …

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Larry Itliong: A Forgotten Badass Hero of Filipino Immigrants

Larry Itliong

In an era best remembered for its civil rights movements, one Filipino left his own mark on history by leading the fight for better working conditions in a country thousands of miles away from his homeland. Also Read: Did A Filipino Help Found Los Angeles? Born in San Nicolas, Pangasinan in 1913, Larry Itliong immigrated to the United States in 1929 and worked as a laborer and farmhand in several states including Washington, Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, and California. During his time in Alaska, he earned the nickname “Seven Fingers” after losing three of his fingers in an accident at the cannery where he worked. Despite finishing only elementary education, Itliong …

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20 Classic Filipino Toys That Will Make You Super Nostalgic

Traditional Filipino Toys

Kids (and adults) today are often too absorbed in playing digital games, so much so that we no longer know or remember how to play with traditional Filipino toys. Unlike their virtual counterpart, the old-fashioned Filipino toys nurtured our creativity and built a sense of teamwork among our peers. Heck, you can even create your own toys by using what was already available around you. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention. Also Read: 7 Traditional Filipino Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Although we now live in a high-tech world, it makes sense to find a perfect balance between allowing our kids to play with their gadgets and introducing …

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The Baffling Truth About Philippine’s Claim Over Sabah

Philippines Claim Over Sabah

Aside from the Philippines’ claims in the West Philippine Sea, perhaps no other territorial row has embedded itself in the Filipinos’ collective consciousness as much as Sabah. Also Read: Meet the Terrifying Moro Warriors and Heroes of WWII Located near Palawan and Mindanao, the resource-rich region has been the source of much friction between Malaysia and the Philippines (think Operation Merdeka and the 2013 “invasion” launched by a heir to the Sultanate of Sulu). To start with, Sabah was originally owned by the Sultanate of Brunei until 1673 when it ceded the land to the Sultanate of Sulu as a reward for the latter’s help in quelling a civil war. Then …

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8 Real Filipina Queens and Princesses Too Awesome for Disney Movies

Notable Filipina Muslims in Philippine History

Early Muslim society included the aristocrats–datus, rajahs and sultans–who occupied the top rung of the hierarchy, being also members of the ruling class. Also Read: Meet the Terrifying Moro Warriors and Heroes of WWII Filipina Muslim royals, on the other hand, had very little freedom, their affairs limited to household activities. However, historical records show that a few exceptional queens and princesses, like those featured on this list, wielded great influence that changed the course of Muslim socio-political history.   1. Queen Sima of Cotabato. The legendary queen of lower Cotabato (ca. 637) was known for her sense of justice and respect for the law. It was said that an Arabian …

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