5 Most Badass Filipina Nuns in History

badass filipina nuns in history

Nuns are often stereotyped as virgins who do nothing all day except praying the rosary and keeping themselves holy before God. Unbeknownst to many, there are some Filipina nuns in history who stood out for going beyond their call of duty. Related Article: 14 Amazing Filipina Heroines You Don’t Know But Should Here are 5 of the most badass nuns in Philippine history who displayed extraordinary courage and proved to the world that there is more to being a nun than meets the eye.   5. Marta de San Bernardo. A list of pioneer nuns won’t be complete without the Filipina who started it all: Marta de San Bernardo, a pride of …

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8 Thrilling Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Thrilla in Manila’

Thrilla in Manila

Nearly 40 years after Muhammad Ali emerged victorious over Joe Frazier in the epic Thrilla in Manila, Filipinos and other boxing fans around the world still can’t get over with the non-stop action and adrenaline rush provided by this once-in-a-lifetime bout. Also Read: 50 Things You May Not Know About Manny Pacquiao The finale of the Ali-Frazier boxing trilogy has become the pillar of the sport’s history and a yardstick that has defined how and what a great boxing match should be. Relive the historic moments and learn more about one of boxing history’s greatest fights with these 8 interesting ‘Thrilla in Manila’ facts:   1. Boxing historians describe it as …

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10 Surprising Facts About Death Penalty In The Philippines

Capital Punishment in the Philippines

For Filipinos, few issues can be so polarizing yet undoubtedly interesting at the same time as that of the death penalty. After all, some of the most memorable moments of our history have involved capital punishment (the Gomburza’s garrote, Jose Rizal’s firing squad, etcetera). Also Read: 5 Pinoy Historical Figures Who Died in Shocking Ways Although we won’t enter in the un-ending whirlpool of debates and choose which side we’re on, we do however would like to share some of the more-interesting stories and facts about our country’s on-and-off brush with the death penalty.   10. The Pre-Spanish Filipinos Practiced It Albeit Infrequently. While not capital punishment in the sense that …

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The Amazing Story of Smoky, The Cutest WWII Hero in the Philippines

Smoky WWII dog hero

Weighing only four pounds and standing seven inches tall, Smoky is just a toy dog by today’s standards. Surprisingly, this legendary Yorkshire Terrier turned out to be one of the most decorated WWII canine heroes. This is her incredible story. Also Read: The WWII Japanese Soldier Who Hid in Philippine Jungle For 29 Years   A Perfect Match. In 1944, Cleveland native Bill Wynne was stationed with the U.S. Army Air Corps in Nadzab, New Guinea. One day, his tent mate  recovered a small, scrawny dog from an abandoned foxhole on the side of the road. The dog–whose breed was relatively unknown at that time–was tied to a truck tire and appeared …

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8 Famous Filipino Events You Didn’t Know Influenced The World

significant events in Philippine history that changed the world

Mankind’s history can be likened to a pond, wherein one event—even if it is a tiny ripple—has the potential to make itself felt in a wide area. That’s just how history works—events influencing other events. Also Read: 10 ‘What If’ Scenarios That Would Have Changed Philippine History Forever As for the Philippines, it may come as a surprise to some how a geographically small country could influence events on a global scale. However, the reality is that the Philippines has had its fair share of events significant enough to influence the world in a big way.   8. The Philippine Senate’s Rejection Of The US Bases Emboldened China. In retrospect, a …

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29 Things You’ll Never See in Manila Again

forgotten things and landmarks in Manila

Progress is impossible  without change. In the case of Manila, taking the road to modernization meant getting rid of landmarks and other things that once defined this historic city. Let’s pay tribute to some of the most memorable things we will probably never see in Manila again. Also Read: 22 Things We No Longer See in Manila   1. The Milkmaid. Back when convenience stores were not even known yet, Manileños usually bought their food either from the market or street peddlers. Those who want milk, for example, relied on milkmaids or dairymen for  their daily supply. Although one could contract 19th-century establishments such as La Perla del Oceano (located at 23 Crespo Street in …

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