10 Biggest Misconceptions About World War II In The Philippines

misconceptions about WWII in the Philippines

World War II was one of the largest and deadliest conflicts in human history, claiming the lives of millions and wrecking havoc on countries’ economies throughout the world. Truly a “world war” in scope, virtually every country participated directly or indirectly in the war. For the Philippines, its own involvement came in the form of being occupied by the Japanese for three years. Eager to grab the country’s natural resources, the Japanese drove out the Americans and became the new masters of the archipelago. Their reign—marked by numerous accounts of atrocities—alienated majority of the Filipinos who kept on fighting for their homeland right until the Americans came back to liberate …

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6 Famous Filipinos And Their Alleged Paranormal Encounters

famous filipinos and their paranormal encounters

We’ve all experienced that sensation at least once in our lifetime:  that scary, hair-raising feeling of someone (or something) is watching us. If not, then get ready, because chances are good you will experience it someday, owing to the fact that there are just some things that even science can’t explain. Also Read: 10 Pinoy Celebrities With Ridiculous Urban Legends Don’t believe us? Then go ahead and read about these famous Filipinos who’ve allegedly had their own encounters with the supernatural.   1. Emilio Aguinaldo Had a ‘Kapre’ Who Protected Him. Could Emilio Aguinaldo’s battlefield savvy and martial prowess be the result of having befriended a ‘kapre’ (giant tree-dwelling demon)? …

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51 Of The Most Memorable Political Quotes From Miriam Defensor-Santiago

miriam defensor-santiago quotes

A lawyer, a former trial judge, and a renowned constitutional and international law expert, Senator Miriam Santiago’s accomplishments are too numerous to count. However, what sets her apart from the rest of the pack is her no-nonsense style of leadership. Combine that with her extraordinary intelligence, fierce temper and fiery tongue, and almost everything Santiago says has become a memorable quote worth repeating. Also Read: 15 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Miriam Defensor-Santiago It’s no wonder she is so loved by the masses and so hated by her enemies. However, love her or hate her, Santiago is undoubtedly one of the wittiest Filipinos to have ever lived.   1. “Fungus …

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9 Philippine Icons and Traditions That May Disappear Soon


The Philippines is a land known for its rich culture and traditions, having been occupied and influenced by a number of nations including Spain, America, and Japan. Likewise, interactions with nearby and faraway countries throughout history have also helped to shape our culture. Also Read: 12 Annoying Attitudes of Filipinos We Need To Get Rid Of Sadly, modern times are threatening to wipe out the things that have made us uniquely Filipino. While progress is good, it should never stand in the way of us preserving those things that are rightfully part of our heritage and way of life.   1. Traditional Courtship. “Uso pa ba ang harana?” is the starting …

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20 Beautiful Old Manila Buildings That No Longer Exist

old manila buildings that no longer exist

 “A people’s relationship to their heritage is the same as the relationship of a child to its mother.” – John Henrik Clarke Some ignoramuses claim that clinging to our past is useless, and giving way to technological advancements is the only way to go. I’d say a true sign of a nation’s progress is the ability of its people to preserve their cultural heritage–historical buildings included. After all, people are judged not by the monuments they build, but by those they have destroyed. READ: 22 Things We No Longer See in Manila Gone are the days when Manila was known as the ‘Paris of Asia.’ Restoring the city to its former glory sounds …

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9 Creepy Pinoy Urban Legends That Never Get Old

pinoy urban legends

As defined, urban legends are contemporary folktales that often possess a horrifying theme. Famous urban legends include the Slender Man, the Vanishing Hitchhiker, and Bloody Mary. They can be found in all countries around the world, and that includes the Philippines. Also Read: Top 10 Pinoy Celebrity Urban Legends We Filipinos have always been fond of the unknown and the supernatural, hence why we have so many urban legends pervading the country. Some, of course, have achieved so much notoriety that they have become classics in Filipino folklore—always told over and over again without ever getting old.   1. Mt. Cristobal (The Devil’s Mountain). If Mt. Banahaw is considered a …

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