The Haunting Story of Filipinos Locked in a ‘Human Zoo’

Filipinos in Human Zoo

While we’ve known for a fact that our ancestors were often looked down upon by their colonizers as dark-skinned uneducated savages, the lowest point of this centuries-old discrimination came in the form of America’s human zoos in the early 1900s. This is when thousands of Filipino tribesmen were taken from their homeland and displayed in exhibits for the American people to gawk at. To put this shocking story in context, the 19th and early 20th century were periods of expansion by Western powers who were eager to display just how advanced their civilization were compared to the rest of the world. While exhibits featuring people from conquered territories have been …

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LOOK: Rare Photos of Manila City Hall from 100+ Years Ago

Manila City Hall

You know you’re in Manila when that iconic clock tower emerges itself from the hustle and bustle to tell you the exact local time. The tower, as most of us already know, is the crowning glory of the City Hall–a historic building that saw Manila’s golden age and how it went downhill from there. Also Read: 12 Random Facts About Manila That Will Blow Your Mind Strategically placed at a junction which leads to three bridges (namely, Quiapo, Santa Cruz, and Binondo), the Manila City Hall houses the mayor’s office and other essential departments of the city government. It’s a common knowledge that the present-day City Hall was just a reconstruction of the …

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The Myth of Bonifacio’s “SOKA” (State of the Katipunan Address)

Andres Bonifacio State of the Katipunan Address (SOKA)

The State of the Nation Address (SONA), simply put, is a once-a-year event wherein the President of the Philippines addresses both Houses of Congress and updates the Filipino people on the current socio-economic status of the country. This is when the Chief Executive would outline his administration’s accomplishments and programs for the country—a mission and vision, if you will. While there have been many fun facts and trivia about the different SONAs made by different presidents (the late President Marcos had the most SONAs and gave the longest one in 1969 while former President Gloria Arroyo gave the shortest with only 1,551 words in 2005), none appear as shrouded in …

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The Filipino Pirates Who Terrorized China in 1174 AD

Visayan Pirates in China

While it is well-known that our ancestors often traded with the Chinese who came to our shores hundreds of years ago, lesser-known is the fact that it was actually the pre-colonial Filipinos who reached China’s shores first—not the other way around. For those who might find the whole notion skeptical, archaeologists in 2012 unearthed one of the largest balangays of its kind in Butuan City—giving credence to the theory that the city was a major trading center whose sea-faring residents sailed all across the West Philippine Sea and beyond. And sailed they did. According to the accounts in the Sung Shih (Sung History), the Sung Dynasty Imperial Court received an …

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7 Intriguing Filipino Spies in History You Might Not Know

Filipino spies in history

Philippine history is chock-full of ingenious Filipinos who engaged themselves in espionage. They may not be James Bond but these historical figures risked their lives for a reason–some did it for the love of their country while others did it for their own gain. Related Article: The Forgotten Story of Manila’s Mata Hari Here are some  lesser-known yet intriguing spies in Philippine history who give James Bond a run for his money:   6. “Macabebe Marie.” “Macabebe Marie” was the alias of a fearless Filipina warrior who came to be known as one of Philippine-American War’s most formidable spies. In the reports (which might be a little biased, by the …

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10 Weird Phenomena That Perfectly Sum Up Today’s Filipino Culture

Weird Phenomena in Filipino Culture

Every country in the world has its own range of social phenomena which makes its culture unique; in the Philippines, it’s the same as well. Also Read: 12 Annoying Attitudes of Filipinos We Need To Get Rid Of With such a diverse demographic, it’s no wonder so many social phenomena abound in the country and which give us our unique Pinoy identity. And as we are about to find out, these social phenomena make the Philippines the country it is today—without them, Pinoy culture just wouldn’t feel the same anymore.   10. The “My Way Killings.”   View image | While the Philippines is not the only karaoke-crazy nation on …

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