10 of the Most “Imeldific” Things Imelda Marcos Ever Did

Imelda Marcos

As the beautiful half of the “Conjugal Dictatorship,” Imelda Marcos will forever be known in history as Ferdinand Marcos’ ostentatious spouse who owned 3,000 pairs of shoes. As we will find out, however, the “Imeldific” legend goes beyond just owning a massive collection of footwear. Not only did Mrs. Marcos spend money like there was no tomorrow, she also pulled off some of the most jaw-dropping moments in our history like only she knew how to do—with flair and style. Related Article: 9 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Imelda Marcos Love her or hate her, we will still remember her for being the one and only “Imeldific” First Lady of …

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Catholic Church In The Philippines

facts about catholic church in the philippines

As one of the oldest institutions in the country, the Catholic Church carries a lot of history with it. Most of these facts, more often than not, are forgotten either because of our own neglect or because the Church draws attention to itself only when it is in the middle of a controversy. Also Read: 7 Myths About Spanish Colonial Period Filipinos Should All Stop Believing To correct this oversight, let’s gloss over some of the interesting facts about our very own Catholic Church—facts we’re sure your teacher may have missed out on during history class.   9. Several Hundred Priests And Nuns (Reportedly) Joined The Underground Movement During Martial Law. …

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10 Facts About World War II That Never Made It To Your Philippine History Books

facts about WWII in the Philippines

With so much devastation caused in so short a time, World War II undoubtedly stands as one of the darkest chapters of human history. Here in the Philippines, we remember the event mainly as the time the Japanese occupied our country and oppressed the Filipinos before being finally driven out by the Americans. To leave it at that generalization, however, would be to keep oneself in the dark about what really happened during those awful times. Also Read: 8 Epic Battles in History Where Filipinos Kicked Ass So for the sake of education and proper remembrance of both the dead and the survivors, let’s take a gander at some of the …

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12 Astonishing Philippine Artifacts You Didn’t Know You Could Find At The National Museum

National Museum of the Philippines

For some of the younger Filipinos, the idea of spending time at the National Museum of the Philippines is so 10 years ago–something you only do because it was part of a mandatory field trip. Also Read: 15 Most Intense Archaeological Discoveries in Philippine History However, there’s more to our national museum than Juan Luna’s famous Spoliarium and The Parisian Life. Here are just some of the most fascinating–yet often overlooked–treasures from our country’s flagship museum:   1. Masuso pots. One of the more curious of the bunch, masuso pots (or breast pots) are ceramic objects whose origin and cultural significance are still unknown. The complete lack of data was the result of …

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5 Most Badass Filipina Nuns in History

badass filipina nuns in history

Nuns are often stereotyped as virgins who do nothing all day except praying the rosary and keeping themselves holy before God. Unbeknownst to many, there are some Filipina nuns in history who stood out for going beyond their call of duty. Related Article: 14 Amazing Filipina Heroines You Don’t Know But Should Here are 5 of the most badass nuns in Philippine history who displayed extraordinary courage and proved to the world that there is more to being a nun than meets the eye.   5. Marta de San Bernardo. A list of pioneer nuns won’t be complete without the Filipina who started it all: Marta de San Bernardo, a pride of …

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