The 9 Most Epic Battle Speeches Ever Given By Filipinos

battle speeches in Philippine history

Usually, when we think of epic speeches, what pops up to our minds are the likes of William Wallace, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and a who’s who of famous greats (and villains also) in the pantheon of history. Related Article: 8 Epic Battles in History Where Filipinos Kicked Ass Here in the Philippines, the best that we could probably recall is Douglas MacArthur’s famous “I shall return” speech during World War II. Yet, making speeches that sound totally epic is not exclusive to foreigners; a lot of Filipinos have also made speeches designed to rouse the fighting spirit of their audience. As we’ll see later on, these speeches are just as …

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10 Near-Deaths That Almost Changed Philippine History

near deaths that would have changed Philippine history

History is not only made up of the concrete events which actually happened, but also that of “what-ifs.” It is also often influenced by a single individual who rose up from blanket obscurity to do something worth remembering. READ: Top 10 ‘What If’ Scenarios That Would Have Changed Philippine History Forever Now, let us imagine what would’ve happened had these famous individuals who make up a part of Philippine history die a premature death. (Featured image via   10. William Draper. William Draper led the British in conquering Manila in 1762, placing the city under English hands for two years. What most people don’t know, however, is that Draper nearly died at …

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14 Bizarre And Fascinating Philippine Festivals

Philippine festivals

Filipinos love to party, that’s a fact. Whether it be for a religious occasion, a charter day, etc., we will find a reason to celebrate. From the biggest cities down to the smallest barangays, there is always a scheduled time for a fiesta. Notwithstanding the sheer number of festivals celebrated across the country, some do stand out for being different. It’s fine though, as those differences exemplify the diversity of Filipino culture. Also Read: 27 Things You’ll Only See in the Philippines Let’s find out more about these odd festivals and where and when they are being celebrated. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to celebrate them ourselves someday.   …

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11 Things From Philippine History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly

things from Philippine history everyone pictures incorrectly

Trust us, you do, but we can’t say we blame you (it’s happened to us too). The passage of time, wrong information, and inaccurate portrayals have left us picturing famous events just a way bit off-tangent. Also Read: 5 Historic Lies You Were Taught In School For the benefit of enlightenment then, let us look at some of the famous events from Philippine history we’ve been picturing incorrectly and see them for what they really are—warts and all.   11. The First Shot of the Philippine-American War Did Not Happen On A Bridge. What You’re Picturing: The first shot of the Philippine-American War was fired on the San Juan Bridge. The Reality: As …

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The 10 Most Fearsome One-Man Armies in Philippine History

one-man armies in Philippine history

Douglas MacArthur once said: “Give me ten thousand Filipinos and I will conquer the world.” It’s easy to see why he said that. As we’ve pointed out before, Filipinos are a warrior race, often fighting with the odds stacked against them. A glance at the different battles and wars Filipinos have fought in throughout history proves that. Also Read: 8 Epic Battles in History Where Filipinos Kicked Ass Then again, with the unbelievable display of fighting prowess and near-reckless abandon by these Filipinos who were literal one-man armies, MacArthur’s request for ten thousand would be overkill.   1. Jesus Villamor. Arguably one of the greatest Filipino pilots ever, Villamor led a …

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10 Mind-Blowing Controversies Of Philippine History

controversies in Philippine history

While we’re already familiar with the more well-known controversies such as Jose Rizal’s retraction, Luna’s assassination, etc., here are some lesser-known controversies that are really worth delving into. After all, they do form a part of Philippine history. Also Read: 10 ‘What If’ Scenarios That Would Have Changed Philippine History Forever   10. We Already Had An Excellent Public School System Before The Americans Came. Although we cannot discount all the good things the Americans did to improve the country’s system of education, the Spanish do deserve credit for their own contributions. Contrary to popular belief that Filipinos lived like uneducated medieval peons during the Spanish era, the inhabitants were actually …

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