10 Incredibly Ironic Flaws You Can Find In Our Constitution

flaws in philippine constitution

According to law experts, a constitution is more than just a piece of paper. It is the supreme law of the land, the manifestation of the people’s sovereignty. In other words, it contains the rights, rules, and obligations which the people and their respective governments have to follow and obey. It is also generally held that there is no such thing as a perfect constitution, it being the creation of men. The same goes for our 1987 Constitution; unintentional mistakes, ambiguous or verbose sentences, lack of foresight, etc., have in one way or another besmirched what was supposed to be something revolutionary, resulting in massive unintended  consequences which we ordinary …

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8 Dark Chapters of Filipino-American History We Rarely Talk About

dark periods of philippine-american history

Barring Spain, no other country in the world has had so pervasive an influence on the Philippines than America. In fact, the effects of the decades-long American rule of the country can still be clearly seen in our society, from the way we eat, dress, speak, etc. While it cannot be denied that America has helped out our country a great deal, let us also not forget the times the ol’ US of A wrecked, backstabbed, and bamboozled the Philippines. Aside from the acts of benevolence so often highlighted, we should get to know the dark chapters of Filipino-American history.   1. America Lied About Giving Independence To The Philippines. …

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10 Little-Known Facts About The Katipunan

facts about the katipunan

We know it as that shadowy group created by Andres Bonifacio to liberate the country from Spain. But aside from that, is there anything else we would want to know about the Katipunan? Also Read: 7 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Andres Bonifacio Yes, since the Katipunan is arguably one of the most influential groups to have ever shaped Philippine history. It rightfully deserves recognition, and what better way to give that than to learn about some little-known facts and events connected to it.   1. It Had A “Secret Chamber” That Punished Its Members. While well-known is the fact that the KKK operated like a shadow government with its …

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10 Greatest Filipino Athletes You’ve Never Heard Of

forgotten filipino athletes

Let’s face it:  if an athlete’s name is not Manny Pacquiao, chances are high he/she will be relegated to the dustbowl of history. While we don’t want to take away anything from the PacMan especially since we know he also achieved his success through sheer hard work, we’d like to point that there are countless other athletes who’ve also sacrificed their sweat and blood to make our country proud. As such, it is only right we honor their names and memories, aside from giving them the help they so rightfully deserve. Bullfighting used to be a favorite sport in Manila. READ: 22 Things We No Longer See in Manila 1. …

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11 Controversial and Banned Filipino Advertisements

controversial advertisements in the Philippines

Advertisements are supposed to get a particular message or a product across to the public. However, some adverts are just too good at being bad. Add to the fact that the Philippines is not exactly one of the most liberal-minded countries in the world, and you have a sure-fire recipe for all-out controversy. Also Read: 10 Funniest Pinoy TV Bloopers Still, as the saying goes, bad publicity is still publicity. Here are ten adverts and the reasons why they were banned or pulled out.   1. LBC’s “Spelling Bee” Commercial (2009). This seemingly harmless three-part commercial featuring “Spelling Bee” host Edu Manzano caused a stir in 2009 when the Department …

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50 Things You May Not Know About Manny Pacquiao

manny pacquiao facts

Heroes are made, not born. And only few Filipinos can exemplify this quote better than Manny Pacquiao, the Philippines’ primary source of pride and inspiration. Pacquiao is no ordinary man. From an impoverished life in the southern Philippines, he fought his way to the top, emerging as the first and only eight-division world champion with ten world titles under his belt. Thanks to his achievements, Pacquiao has gained multitude of fans from around the world, with some experts describing him as the history’s finest boxer even greater than the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson. But what makes Manny Pacquiao one-of-a-kind? What are the forces that have pushed him to excel in …

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