Meet The Legendary Filipino Basketball Team Who Defeated China in Asian Olympics

By | 10/05/2015

Instead of China lording it over us, it was the other way around when Philippines first joined international basketball. The year was 1913, and basketball in the country was still in its formative years. Nonetheless, the Filipino cagers reigned supreme in the first ever Far Eastern Games–considered to be Asia’s version of Olympics–beating delegates from Japan and China.

This Letter Reveals Who Really Killed Andres Bonifacio

By | 10/02/2015

On March 22, 1948 (the day before his birthday), Aguinaldo released a letter detailing his involvement in the execution of Bonifacio and his brother Procopio (the letter was certified authentic by Teodoro Agoncillo and published in his book ‘Revolt of the Masses’).

13 Amazing True Stories Behind Classic Filipino Brand Names

By | 09/30/2015

Kodak. Frigidaire. Thermos. These are but a few brand names which, through years of familiarity, have been absorbed into our language and used freely every day. Here are a few fascinating origin stories of popular Philippine brand names, and the interesting behind-the-factory accounts of how they came to be.